Landscape Design

Designing a new landscape or renovating an existing one is not an easy task. You need creativity to maximize the aesthetic benefits of each landscape element. You should also possess in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and functions of all features and amenities. The landscape design plan should also complement with the home's existing architecture. Read more about Landscape Design >>

Landscape Lighting

There are so many benefits to having landscape lighting fixtures added to your residential or commercial property. Some of these benefits include aesthetic appeal, increased security and safety features. Your property will light up at night making it safer to travel around and deterring those trespassers. Talk to a professional lighting company like us here at Theis Custom Walls and Landscaping today! Read more about Landscape Lighting >>

Water Features

There is nothing like being able to sit outside in your own backyard and listen to the calming sounds of water trickling, creating some beautiful ambiance. You can achieve this by adding a water feature to your outdoor living area. There is a water feature for all types and sizes of outdoor areas from waterfalls, ponds, fountains, fish ponds and streams; just to name a few! Read more about Water Features >>

Retaining Walls

For whatever reason you are thinking of having a retaining wall built on your commercial or residential property you will be delighted to know that long gone are the days when they had to look dull and boring. Nowadays, retaining walls can look stunning and really add a lot of aesthetic appeal to any landscape setting. The ranges of wall products on the market will astound you! Read more about Retaining Walls >>


When it comes to the application of pavers for projects such as driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks; we believe that it is very important to get the assistance of a professional paving company like us here at Thies Landscaping. If paving stones are installed correctly they will perform excellently and withstand all types of outdoor elements! Read more about Pavers >>


The team at Thies Custom Walls and Landscaping would like to offer you an article that covers a lot of information on landscaping and the services that we provide our clients. Whether you have a residential or commercial property you know how important the landscaping is to the overall look and feel of your home or place of business. We can helo yu with design, installation and maintenance services. Read more about Landscaping >>

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