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Landscape Design St Louis, MO

Designing a new landscape or renovating an existing one is not an easy task. You need creativity to maximize the aesthetic benefits of each landscape element. You should also possess in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and functions of all features and amenities. The landscape design plan should also complement with the home's existing architecture.

With the technicality of the task, it’s better to get the services of professional landscape designers like us at Thies Custom Walls and Landscaping. We have the experience, tools, and creative people who can realize your dream landscape setup. Our people are some of the finest landscape designers in the state. Their portfolios include designing landscapes for residential, commercial, and public properties. We have already completed countless landscape design projects for clients in St. Louis, St. Charles County, North St. Chesterfield, South St. Louis County, St. Peters, St. Louis County, O'Fallon, St. Charles, Lake St. Louis, and Wentzville, MO. Contact us today at (636) 379-3576 and let us show you how we create awesome landscapes for our clients.

Landscaping Ideas

A great landscape design is always a product of creativity and unique landscaping ideas. If you feel that your ideas can be transformed into a beautiful landscape, then share them with your designers. Your designers know how to use them without compromising balance and harmony in the landscape. And here at Thies Custom Walls and Landscaping, we are always open to your suggestions and ideas. We collaborate with you and consider your needs and desires. This approach has helped us create designs that really reflect the personality and lifestyles of our clients.

Meanwhile, we consider the following factors when working on a landscape design plan:

  • landscape's sustainability
  • addition of low-maintenance features
  • use of native plantings
  • optimum use of available space
  • aesthetic benefits of each feature or amenity

Garden Design

A landscape with a beautiful garden setup is an awe-inspiring sight. But achieving this kind of outdoor setting will not be easy if you don't have expert people on your side. Professionals can help you come up with unique but exciting garden designs. They can create for you themed gardens such as English-styled or Japanese garden. You may also opt for a garden design that conserves water or changes color every season.

Patio Design

Outdoor living features are commonly included in a landscape design plan. The most typical addition is a patio. This structure creates a new living space that can be used for rest and relaxation and other outdoor activities. If you want your patio to be the focal spot in your landscape, please call us. We can create an elegant patio design that blends well with your landscaping.

Landscape Designer

Choosing the right landscape designer is a difficult task for some. If you are one of those, we can't blame you. In Missouri alone, you can find a large number of landscape designers who are all willing to design any type of landscape. They may even offer low rates or guarantee the quality of their work. But why still choose Thies Custom Walls and Landscaping? Our company offers a different kind of service that you won't find in other landscape designers in the state. We will personally work with you, ask about your ideas, visit your property, and talk about your budget. We offer a highly personalized landscape design service to give you optimum satisfaction. Please call us today.


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