Water Features

Water Features St Louis, MOWater features are great additions to your landscape because they make it more beautiful and inviting. The common options include water fountains, waterfalls, ponds, bubbling pots, and other water elements. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, they also promote quality family time, offer therapeutic benefits, and increase the value of your property.

However, designing a water feature is not a DIY project. It must be crafted by experienced builders like us at Thies Custom Walls and Landscaping. We have already designed and built unique, beautiful water features for our clients in St. Louis, St. Charles County, North St. Chesterfield, South St. Louis County, St. Peters, Louis County, O'Fallon, St. Charles, Lake St. Louis, and Wentzville, MO. Please call us to learn more about our services.

Water Fountains

Water is always an inviting element in the landscape. And among the popular options that we offer are water fountains. The different types of fountains that you can choose from are:

  • Tiered fountain. This is the common style found in Mediterranean countries like Italy and Spain. This feature will always look grand and sophisticated because of its tiered design.

  • Disappearing fountain. Also called a waterless fountain, this type has a pond underneath. It’s best installed near a path or patio to add a soothing sound but without the drowning risk.

  • Japanese fountain. This bamboo-made fountain is not only for Zen-inspired yards but also perfect for any nature-inspired landscape.

  • Wall fountain. This type of fountain is best for smaller outdoor space and a great feature to add if you want to highlight certain areas.

  • Self-contained fountain. If there is a fountain you can buy and install on your own, it is the self-contained fountain. Simply add plumbing and you’re good to go. But of course, it will be more beautiful if you add plants and decorative stones.

If you are still confused about which type of fountain to choose, please call us. We will identify the best feature that will suit your landscape theme or design. We may even combine it with other water features to achieve a more interesting outdoor area.


Building waterfalls in your backyard requires expert hands. First, you have to identify the perfect location of the feature. Second, you need to get the right materials to make it look more natural. You must carefully select the type of plants to include and the types of stones that will perfectly match your design. Meanwhile, there is another alternative to the traditional waterfall with a pond. You can try the pondless waterfall if you are concerned about the safety of your pets and kids.

Backyard Ponds

Backyard ponds are your best bet if you want serene and calming water features. You can practically build a new ecosystem right in your own backyard by taming hardy water lilies and underwater plants. Complete your pond’s ecosystem by adding beautiful koi fishes.

Thies Custom Walls and Landscaping has the capabilities to design and build all types of water features. We can create beautiful water fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and any combination of these features. With us, you will be amazed at how a seemingly simple outdoor addition can add so much value to your property. Are you ready to start this project? Call us at (639) 379-3576.

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